You can Run and Win!

A vocal minority of hyper-partisan people are radically shifting education in our country. Did you know just 11 people are responsible for 60% of the LGBTQIA+ book bans in schools? They won’t stop at book bans, though. Extremists are wreaking havoc on everything from accurate history, fact-based science, and even things like school nurses and counselors. All the while students are exposed to the risk of gun violence and teachers are pushed to their breaking points. We need community-minded people to raise their hands to run for school board and restore and improve public education. By stepping up to run, you’ll not only improve your community and the lives of children, but you’ll also help stop the reversal of decades worth of gains in equality in our country and make school boards boring again.


School Board curious? Check out this video that explains the basics of running for office- from researching a run to getting on the ballot to shaping your story and figuring out what it takes to win, this video shares the nuts and bolts to start a campaign.


Did you know 90% of School Board races cost less than $10,000! You can raise that by reaching out to friends & your community! This simple, straightforward video will give you clear steps from a former elected official to get you going in the right direction.


Concerned about getting screamed down by an extremist when discussing your vision for better schools? Check out this video that will walk you through crafting a winning school board message and deescalating confrontations on the trail.

Run for School Board Guide

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out this handy guide that captures the information above. Our Running for School Board Guide shares in-depth tips to get started! Bookmark it to study it for future reference. There are sections on research, fundraising, and messaging.

how to run for school board composition notebook

RFSCivics, Emily in Your Phone, + Mrs. Frazzled

With over 20,000 School Board races on the ballot in 2024, Run for Something Civics is excited to partner with Emily Amick of Emily in Your Phone to launch a massive effort aimed at helping young, diverse, community-minded people learn what it takes to run and win school board seats to combat extremism. By joining forces with socially conscious influencers, organizational partners, parents, and supporters, this coalition will help support community-minded people dedicated to improving public education with a focus on young, diverse individuals.

  • Amanda Litman

    Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of Run for Something Civics

    Amanda Litman is the co-founder and co-executive director of Run for Something, which recruits and supports young, diverse progressives running for down-ballot office.
  • Emily Amick

    Founder of Emily in Your Phone

    Emily Amick is a lawyer, journalist, former counsel to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and the person behind the viral political instagram account @EmilyinYourPhone.
  • photo of Mrs. Frazzled, Arielle Fodor

    Arielle Fodor

    Mrs. Frazzled

    Best known as Mrs. Frazzled” on social media, Arielle creates content which provides a humorous and raw look at teaching, motherhood, advocacy, and the way it all intersects.